Sydney Fisher

Soul Rise Yoga / Sydney Fisher Productions, Owner

Brooklyn, NY

Sydney Fisher  is a student of the "science of self discovery" and loves to share her experience thru dynamic, creative, movement. She is a story teller, a nurturer, a herder of cats.  

Sydney teaches  vinyasa classes to make you feel amazing, pilates classes to keep the body strong and long, and restorative classes to release and let go.

She also produces TV commercials, web content, and giant public yoga and educational events. 

- 300  Hour RYT from Nosara Yoga Institute, with Don & Amba Stapleton and Yoga Anatomy with Sarah Tacy

-Balanced Body Pilates Mat and Anatomy with Page Sieffert at Pilates Nosara

-Meditation and manifestation work with Melissa McKay in Brooklyn, NY.


Lori Bonazzoli

Balanced Yoga Studio, Owner

New Haven, Ct.


Lori’s journey into the practice of Yoga began when she was 17 through self study and practicing with Spiritual Human Yoga where she engaged in a deep practice of seated meditation. Through that experience, she ventured out to learn the practice of asana which led to her certification as a Bikram Yoga Instructor. Now Lori has many asana teachers she pays homage to blending her experiences into spiritual, compassionate, alignment based hot vinyasa classes. Lori is has trained with Kelly Morris in the Conquering Lion Teacher Training program in NYC fusing the qualities of Tibetan Buddhism and the Q’ero Shaman traditions of the Andes into her already unique, passionate style of teaching yoga. More recently she's studied with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman.

Lori owns New Haven's beloved Balanced Yoga Studio. Her classes are deep strong slow vinyasa and her knowledge of anatomy and movement mixed with her lyrical teaching style make her a inspiring original you wake up early for.

CHRISTINA TISA, Artist, Painting Teacher / Yoga Instructor

 With an MFA in Painting through Rochester Institute of Technology & yoga certification through Kripalu, Christine Tisa has been on a journey of personal growth and discovery. She is sharing that journey with others. Ten years ago she began using Mandalas coupled with her yoga practice to channel mindfulness and exploration. During numerous yoga retreats she began asking the how, why, and when of her meditation practice. She has asked these same questions of her students, from children to adults.

The art of Mandala is rooted in a designor Path. Of Sanskrit origin, meaning “sacred circle,” a Mandala incorporates geometric and organic shapes. These shapes are derived from nature, the elements, and the shifting of night and day to move toward self acceptance by way of kindness and love. Mandalas speak of striving for growth in peace and awareness, drawing from Eastern and Western traditions. They are symbolic pictures used in meditation. The most simple aspect being the circle, having no beginning or end. It reveals itself in symbols such as the celtic cross and the halo. The Mandala is the wheel of life, the symbol of ultimate perfection, and the tunnel between this world and the world beyond. Simply; it is the symbol of eternity.

chrissy mandala.jpeg

Connie Viglietti, YRT 500 & Dula.   She teaches hatha, vinyasa, pre and post natal, and kids classes around New York City

Connie Viglietti, YRT 500 & Dula.

She teaches hatha, vinyasa, pre and post natal, and kids classes around New York City

I began my yoga journey in 2003 when I moved to the Big Apple to pursue an acting and singing career. I went into my first class with an open heart and mind and came out hooked. I had experienced exciting challenges physically and found a new kind of comfort and ease in my body. I found strength and flexibility. I discovered that yoga soul-stirs, and that alone reeled me in. 

My curiosity led the way. Life as a performing artist certainly affords its ups and downs. Yoga offered a place of steadiness for me, it was comfort I could turn to and a meditation and prayer to keep my drive and passion alive. I committed the best way I knew how: studying at Sonic Yoga and completing a teaching certification in Vinyasa Yoga. 

I am thrilled to be teaching others what I have learned and what I continue to learn as a yoga practitioner, teacher and healer. I continue my studies in an advanced Hatha training with my wonderful teacher, William Duprey. I am thrilled to learn mantra and chanting with Susan Duprey, Will's wife. In September of 2012, I completed his program and am a RYT 500. 

Yoga has become my passion and changed my life. I continue to sing and act and I enjoy playing soccer, making music, baking and spending time with my amazing family.